Ivy Removal Stockport

Client Requirements

A customer from Stockport called in for ivy removal services. She shared that she saw images from a successful ivy removal service on our website and she decided to give us a call.

We were happy to see that our work is getting recognised by potential customers and turning into actual leads.

We asked for a couple of images of the overgrown ivy, so we can give a quote for the service.

Ivy removal from brick wall  in Stockprot

How We Prepare

The ivy on the wall was not that much. However, it was interwoven with the cables of the satellite dish. On top of that, it was close to the windows, which posed some risks to the hydro isolation.

The bigger worry was the shrubbery that formed below the ivy, around its roots.

We quoted £125 for the ivy removal, plus the green waste clearance.

Removing ivy and its roots

How We Perform It

Once the client accepted the offer it was time to get everything needed and head to the postcode.

The ivy was not that high, so we could make do with the medium ladder this time. The team had to be extra careful when removing the ivy from the wall, so as not to damage the cable or pull it off alongside the ivy.

The other thing that needed attention was the hydro isolation around the windows. The technicians needed to check whether or not the ivy pierced through it. A pierced isolation around the windows could lead to water damage in the future.

The team of two guys quickly removed the ivy and cleared the greenery beneath it. The green waste was cleared, and the property passed the inspection for ivy damages.

Finished ivy removal Stockport

Client Feedback

The customer was happy with the service and how quickly the team managed to do all of it. The entire process took less than an hour and the client could continue the day as usual!

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