Ivy Removal Warrington

Client Requirements

A customer from Warrington called in, asking if we could remove ivy from the facade of her property. The ivy completely covered the front side and was now spreading towards the sides as well.

She was afraid of damage to the brickwork and clogs of the gutter system of the house.

Overgrown Ivy on a Facade in Warrington

How We Prepare

We asked the client to send us a couple of images of the facade of the property. We needed to know how dense the ivy was, so we could know what tools would be needed.

We also needed to know how tall the property was, so we could know what ladders we should bring to the address.

We quoted the client £650 for the ivy removal, including the clearing.

Ugly plumbing and electrical visible under boiler.

How We Perform It

After a quick assessment we sent in a team of professionals. The goal was to completely remove the ivy and clear the vegetation from the premises.

The Wigan property maintenance team started from the right corner, carefully removing the ivy from the brickwork, revealing its beauty. Special care was taken around the guttering of the house. The ivy was flowing in the guttering system and there was a risk of damage. (Ivy is often the culprit for water damage on properties, because it clogs the gutters.)

Once the right side was taken care of they moved over to the left and started clearing it as well.

When the team was done with removing the ivy from the facade it was time to clear all the leaves and green waste from the front of the house. The whole process took the team less than two hours.

Ivy removal in Warrington in progress
Warrington ivy removal is almost done

Client Feedback

The client was happy with the quality of work and the timeframe in which the team managed to execute the service.

Clean brickwork after ivy removal

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