Kitchen Installation in Preston

Circumstances & Requirements

A client called us in regards to a huge job that involved fitting an entirely new kitchen. Over the phone, while we were discussing the details with the customer, they made it clear that not only fitting of the new kitchen is required, but also the removal of the old one – which definitely affected how we approached the job as a whole. Luckily our local kitchen installation in Preston is extensively trained for years which gives us the confidence that we’ll handle the job with ease.

This is How We Prepared

In the preparation stage, we had to plan out how to effectively take care of the job. Managing our time and effort the best we could so that we meet the client’s requirements and leave them satisfied with our work. As we gathered all the information about the service we were able to plan it out step by step covering everything from removing the old kitchen, cleaning up all the waste, and taking care of it, to perfectly installing the new one. As we knew it will take a while, we scheduled the service so that it is appropriate for both parties.

The Kitchen Installation

At the date of the appointment we arrived at the scheduled time and began with dismantling and removing the old kitchen. This is a tricky job and took us some time to get it out of the way without causing unnecessary damage. After we had it removed we took care of the disposal of the waste that came with the removal of the kitchen and left the premises nice and tidy for us to get into the main work.

After we took care of the dirty work we started to work on the installation of the new kitchen. This is where we had most of the fun and were able to excel with our professionalism. For the job as a whole we sent a team of two as it required a decent amount of manpower so that it doesn’t take weeks to finish. The service took about 4 days and the total cost was £2,000, which of course included the dismantling and the entire removal of the old kitchen and the installation of the new one.

kitchen installation in preston

Client Feedback

After we had the job finished, the client was happy with the results and how his new kitchen was fitted. This job was one of the most challenging kitchen fitting services in Preston, according to our technicians, since it took a lot of time and effort as it had many components. Either way, the work was done with perfection and care for the new kitchen for the client, which they were extremely happy with. This is what is important for us! Contact us today and schedule your service!

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