Commercial ivy removal in Wigan

Customer Requirements

One of our regular commercial customers which are management company of a few buildings in Wigan contacted us in order to remove ivy from one of the buildings. Our team has already done several services for the customer including ivy removal, so we already had built trust with the client and were familiar with the area. Because of that, we didn’t really need to perform a survey as we knew what to expect and a rough idea of the time it would take and the total cost.

Our Preparation

Over the phone, we discussed what the situation is and that we’ll need our largest ladder for the service. We packed up everything necessary for the job and as the customer requested – we scheduled the earliest possible date for them, which was on the next day.
local commercial ivy removal in Wigan

Cleaning the Garden

On the next day, we sent a team of two to handle the gardening service in Wigan. Upon arrival, the local team jumped straight into the job. Our gardeners have great experience in taking care of any gardening service and ivy removal is not an exception. The experts know their way around the service to ensure perfect results every time. But this time they encountered a slight issue. Even though our team used the biggest ladder we have – it was not enough to get rid of the ivy at the top of the building, leaving a small portion of it hanging on the top.

Honestly, we’ve never stumbled upon such a case, however, it is definitely not a big deal at all. Once we clear everything and leave small parts of ivy on the top they dry out and fall by themselves. The client knew that so they had no problems with leaving it until it falls in a few days. The total cost was £410 – £260 labour and £150 for the waste removal.

expert ivy removal in wigan area

Client Feedback

The client was once again very happy with the end results and especially with how swift we acted upon their request. We try our best to provide our clients with the best service possible, not only with the quality of work but with the convenience as well. If you’re looking for a professional gardening service in Wigan – you’ve found the experts. Contact us today and book the local gardeners!
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