Professional Mirror hanging in Manchester

Client Requirements

We were contacted by a client looking for local handymen in Manchester to help him hang a heavy mirror over the stairs. We do not usually do such installations, however, the customer really wanted to have it done and was turned down by 3 companies already. After discussing it with the customer and advising them of the potential risks, we agreed to take care of the job, making sure that we install it with great attention and ensure maximum safety.

How We Prepare

The local specialists have vast experience in hanging all kinds of different mirrors, but the ones that are big and hung in tricky locations definitely require a higher level of professionalism. It is crucial to plan it carefully and make sure that it is installed with strong attention to detail. It can be quite dangerous if not done right. Because of our expertise, the pros were certain in their ability to bring excellent results.

We scheduled the earliest available date as the customer insisted on it. We clearly understood the idea of the client and we knew we had what it takes when it comes to the skills and necessary equipment and decided to get it done the next day.
local mirror hanging in manchester area

How We Perform It

The mirror was quite big so we sent a team of 3 local handymen to get it done quickly and effectively. Initially, we started with a very detailed inspection to examine the area, along with the wall and the mirror itself.

Luckily the wall seemed to be solid and perfect for the installation of such a heavy mirror. This will allowed us to work confidently and prevent any risks from occurring in the future.

We chose to send 3 technicians to combine their expertise and skills and ensure the results meet the clients’ requirements 100%. Their experience, paired with the high-end equipment they used allowed them to quickly finish the job. The total cost was £165 labour and no more than 2 hours of work.
mirror hanging expert in manchester and surrounding areas

Client Feedback

Just like that, we managed to fulfill the client’s needs and capture their vision perfectly. He was extremely happy with the end results and that he finally had his mirror installed after a few attempts to get it booked. If you’re looking for a mirror hanging in Manchester or another handyman job, do not hesitate to contact us and book your service today!

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