Overgrown Garden Clearance in Stretford

Customer Requirements

A client called us in regards to local overgrown garden clearance. They wanted to have the grass cut down and general tidying in order to enjoy a great-looking garden and have it ready for the season. They did inform us that it has not been taken care of for a while now so we were initially preparing for a decent volume of work. Over the phone, we went through the most important details so that our team is familiar with the job beforehand.

Our Preparation

We were well informed about the condition of the garden so we knew what to expect during the service and had enough time and information to prepare adequately for the service. Garden clearance in Stretford is often booked and the local team has immense experience and modern specialised equipment for stunning results.

This allows us to be both quick and efficient and maintain high-quality service every single time with no exceptions. No matter the gardening job – the local experts will successfully handle any task, completing it according to your needs and personal vision.
local garden clearance in stretford area

The Garden Clearance

At the scheduled time and date the local team arrived and without wasting any time jumped straight into work. During the work, the team was confident with their idea and the time it would take to clear the garden as it was not in a terrible condition and was a bit smaller than they initially expected. They started from both sides and managed to cut down the grass quickly and get the spot looking nice and tidy.

In no time the local gardening experts in Stretford were ready with the end results, without compromising on the quality of work. The cost of the service was only £150 labour and the green waste was 2 full jumbo bags which cost £45 each for disposal. This is what you can expect – quick and effective service for a great price every single time you choose Two Lions!
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Client Feedback

The customer was pleased with the end results and really loved how their new garden looked. We always look forward to a happy client and strive to have their needs and vision satisfied at 100%.

This is why we offer an absolute hassle-free service from beginning to end. Contact us today and schedule your gardening service in Stretford. You won’t be disappointed!
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