Overgrown Grass Trimming in Manchester

Client Requirements

A local client called us in regards to a professional gardening service in Manchester. They wanted to have their overgrown garden taken care of so that they have a nice and tidy green place they can enjoy throughout the summer season. Luckily they’ve contacted the right team. The local Two Lions gardeners know how to take care of any gardening task from start to finish and bring amazing results every single time, no matter the job.
overgrown garden trimming manchester


As per usual, in order for us to prepare accordingly, we get into important details such as the size of the garden, how overgrown it is, etc. Most times, we also schedule a survey to ensure that a precise quote & timeframe is given to the client. In this instance, we were able to get a clear vision about what to expect from the job and a survey was not necessary. As the client had a small space that they wanted to trim we scheduled an appropriate time for the next day.
trimming grass in manchester

How We Did It

Overgrown garden clearance is probably the most often booked service for our gardening team in Manchester. Needless to say, we knew how to handle the service with no issue at all.

Even though it was a small job we decided to send 2 experts to get it done even quicker and with better results.

The local gardeners use high-quality equipment to perform the gardening services, which really provides outstanding results in no time.

The whole service took roughly an hour and a half to be fully finished and the total cost was £90 labour.

The waste was taken care of by the client as they requested. Overgrown garden clearance can certainly be time-consuming and usually require a lot of effort if you lack the experience and professional equipment.

With our help – we get the job done swiftly, bringing you perfect results!
overgrown grass clearance Manchester
overgrown grass trimming manchester


The customer was so pleased with the outcome and the view that they opted to schedule regular monthly maintenance to keep the garden in tip-top shape throughout the summer.

Two Lions is the place to go if you want to change your garden. We’ll work with you to create the aesthetic you want for your green space. Contact us today to set up an appointment!

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