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Customer Requirements

We were contacted by a client that wanted to book us for a huge job surrounding his newly bought property. The first job they wanted help with was rubbish removal. The house was full of waste that had to be taken out in order to get it to a condition that is comfortable for living. Over the phone, they informed us that the house is relatively big and there is a lot of waste, so we scheduled a survey to examine the area and provide an accurate quote.
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Our Preparation

During the survey, we noticed evidence of rodents all over the house, which the client was really stressed about. Luckily – they’ve contacted the right company. As we offer both waste removal and pest control in Warrington, we combined both services to give them a fresh start with their new house.

Getting the job done

Even though they initially called for waste removal in Warrington – we had to start off with a rat treatment and fumigation to get rid of all the rodents and ensure that there are no risks of diseases and the whole place is safe to even stay in. The fumigation cost £150 and the rat treatment was £250 for 3 visits. After we had the pests out of the way, we were able to proceed with getting the rubbish removed. Even throughout the waste clearance, our team wore protective equipment to make sure that they are safe from diseases that rodents can cause. Our team managed to take care of the rubbish within a few days as it really was a lot of work. The total cost of the rubbish clearance was £750. Once we were ready with the jobs we scheduled two follow-up visits for the rodents in order to bring peace to the owner, as they were anxious about the situation with the rats. Fortunately, everything was absolutely fine and there were no rodents to bother them, which we initially expected, as the rodent treatment is proven to eliminate the rats during the first pest control almost 100% of the time.
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Client Feedback

The customer was more than happy to see his new property in a liveable condition. Once we had the trouble out of his way he had a clear vision of what needed to be fixed and how he wanted to decorate the new house. We’re always pleased to bring joy to our clients and benefit them to have a more fulfilling day-to-day life. If you’re looking for professional waste removal or pest control service – get in touch with us! We will help you get rid of the trouble!
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