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Our Clients’ Requirements

A client in Wigan asked us about our services, and most importantly – pressure washing. They wanted to have the driveway professionally cleaned. We immediately responded to their request by saying that we can help them clean their driveway, providing them with perfect results no matter the type of surface it is. We have been cleaning all kinds of surfaces before, and we knew that our expertise and experience would be ideal for their job.

This is How We Prepared

Before the job can be carried out, we gather all the necessary details about the project to ensure that we can get the job done efficiently and effectively. This is why first and foremost we scheduled a survey to examine the area and propose a precise quote for the service. During the survey, we managed to gather enough information to understand what would be the best approach for the experts to take care of the job quickly and guarantee the best possible results.

We offered her £2.5 per square meter which she agreed on and afterward scheduled a date that is appropriate for them and the local jet washing experts in Wigan

local reliable pressure washing in Wigan

How we performed the service

As the client was going to be absent at the time of the service they gave us a spare key so we can get into the job and finish it before they even get home. During the initial inspection, we knew that the work will definitely take a decent amount of time so we made sure that we have pretty much a whole free day. We understand the ins and outs of the pressure washing service and know how to handle the job adequately, no matter its size or complexity.

We have high-end equipment that allows us to really penetrate through the accumulated dirt and bring out the original look and colour of the patio & driveway, no matter the surface. Our team spent almost a full day performing the jet washing service in Wigan. The total amount of the service was £715, which is totally reasonable for the work we’ve done.

local pressure washing in wigan

Client Feedback

Just when we completed the service, the client arrived and was amazed by the transformation of their whole yard. Professional pressure washing really makes all the difference.

The client shared with us that they’ve never thought that the driveway can be cleaned that well and found the final price to be totally worth it. We always strive to provide the best possible service, so if you’re looking for expert jet washing in Wigan – get in touch with us today & get a free quote!

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