Outdoor shed repurposing in Manchester

Client Requirements

A client in Manchester was interested in repurposing an outdoor shed. The goal was to turn the place into a play room for kids with a kitchen area.

The place needed a complete renovation. Wiring, isolation, plaster, paint and a lot more. A nice challenge for the handyman in Manchester.

Old outdoor shed in Manchester

How We Prepare

After we saw a couple of images from the shed we knew that the project was going to be a lot more complicated than we thought initially.

The place was in dire need of freshening up. And given that there will be kids playing, it needed to be safe, dry and warm!

We met with the client and talked over the project. Afterwards, the handyman darted to the nearest supply store for materials.

The inside of a wooden shed, after a day of work.

How We Perform It

The handyman in Manchester decided to start with a pressure wash of the outside of the shed, and waxing the wood. This improves the hydro isolation and prevents any water damage in the future. They also installed new PVC windows and doors to isolate the place even better.

It was now time to focus on the inside. First the frame for the ceiling isolation was built and the wiring for lamps and power sockets was ran in the walls. Afterwards it was time for internal isolation.

The handyman team advised the customer to isolate the ceiling and the walls to provide comfortable temperatures inside during cold and hot weather with ease. The ceiling was isolated with rock wool and the walls were covered with PIR insulation boards.

Things began to shape up. Now it was time to close the walls and ceiling with drywall and apply the first coat of plaster.

Once the walls and ceiling were roughly finished there was one more messy task to execute. Leveling the floor. The outbuilding got a new layer of perfectly leveled concrete flooring, that was later covered with isolation and soft, colourful, pads on which children could play safely.

Now it was time bring the furniture and appliances in and isntall light fixtures, sockets and everything else. Once the team was done with the finishing touches, the clients could enjoy their new room with their kids and friends.

Client Feedback

The entire project cost our clients £10,000. They were super happy with the end result and were glad to have one more room to enjoy. They also shared, that they were surprised to find a single team to perform all of the tasks, including sourcing the materials. Such projects increase the value of the property, and provide more usable space for activities.

Finished kitchen/playroom.

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