Kitchen Sink Installation in Manchester

Client Requirements

A customer called looking for assistance with his new sink. They apparently had a hard time installing it as the old one had to be removed and furthermore add some adjustments to the worktop, which he was not comfortable with doing himself. Luckily, the local handymen in Manchester have experience in handling any odd job around the house. Over the phone, we went through the most important details which allowed us to get a clear understanding of what equipment and skills are needed.

How We Prepare

The preparation starts with the initial call. A survey was not necessary as we were able to picture the job which the client was describing and we’ve installed all kinds of sinks previously. We had availability on the next day and the client was happy to get started as soon as possible.

Having that in mind, we scheduled the service for the following day, prepared the equipment, and came up with a plan on how to approach the job to be as effective as possible.
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How We Perform It

On the next day, we arrived on time and jumped straight into the job. First, we started with a close inspection of the area and proceeded with removing the old sink. Disconnecting the plumbing was tricky but the local experts took care of it pretty quickly. Before installing the new sink the handymen had to make the hole in the worktop a little bigger so that the new sink can fit.

Furthermore, before installing the new sink they fixed the plumbing as well in order to guarantee that we’ll provide the best possible service. After we had it all set the pros started installing the new sink. In about 4-5 hours the two experts had the job completed. The total cost was £350 labour.
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Client Feedback

Quick, reliable, and professional. This is what you can expect from Two Lions! The client was happy with the assistance of our experts and the attention to detail they showed.

If you are looking for a professional sink installation or another odd job in Manchester – do not hesitate to contact us and book your service today!
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