Tap Replacement in Manchester

Client Requirements

A landlord called us because his tenants had issues with a bathroom sink tap. We sent the local Manchester handyman to visit and inspect the situation right away.

The tap and connections definitely needed replacement. The soft connections were all rusted and were leaking. The base rubber seal of the tap itself was gone. It was just siliconised to the sink and that was also leaking.

tap replacement Manchester

How We Prepare

After the inspection, the handyman went to the local plumbing supplier. We needed to source a new tap, new soft connections and a couple of other fittings. The handyman made a list of things that needed to be sourced while he was on the survey, including the length and type of the soft connections, so there was no room for mistakes.

tap replacement Manchester

How We Perform It

After sourcing the supplies all left to do is go to the client’s property and change the taps.

The old and rusted soft connections were thrown away, plumbers tape was applied to the fittings and the new connections were installed. We let water through them to check for any leaks.

After we checked that everything was fine, it was time to securely install the tap. This time there was no need for silicon! We made sure the tap we got still has its base rubber seal. Everything stayed nice and dry and

The entire process, including the materials we sourced (with trader discount as always!) cost our customer £110.

plumbing job in Manchester by a handyman

Client Feedback

The client was super happy that we resolved his problems right away and he didn’t have to go and source materials on his own. On top of that, his tenant was happy that the issue was resolved quickly and he could go back to his usual day.

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