Ivy Removal Trafford

Client Requirements

A business owner in Trafford, Manchester called in for ivy removal.

He is a regular customer, so we were well aware of the details of the service.

All we needed was a picture to see how tall the ivy is, so we are sure we can reach it with our ladder.

The ivy height verses a ladder

How We Prepare

We quoted the client £650 for the ivy removal, including the clearing.

The team agreed to remove some extra vegetation from the parapet.

After he agreed on the price, a three-person team equipped with all the needed tools, including a ladder, was headed to the address.

Overgrown vegetation and ivy

How We Perform It

The goal was to completely remove the ivy from the wall. However, there was some more vegetation that was in the way. It also blocked the view from the terrace, so we agreed to trim it down as well.

The manchester gardening team started from top to bottom. The ivy was carefully removed from the wall and the stucco was checked for any damages.

Sometimes ivy can penetrate cracks, making them bigger and causing water damage. After the pros made sure there was no damage done by the ivy, they proceeded with pruning the other vegetation.

When they were finished all of the green mass was collected in black bags and taken away from the premises.

The service was done in less than an hour and the view was free from abstractions again.

Ivy removed from wall
Warrington ivy removal is almost done

Client Feedback

The client was happy with the end result, and his employes were glad to enjoy the view again.

Clean brickwork after ivy removal

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