Expert Trampoline Assembly in Warrington

Client Requirements

A client called us seeking assistance for a trampoline assembly in Warrington. They’ve recently bought one, however in the past week, they’ve not had any time to assemble it, due to the hassle and lack of experience. Luckily, the customer contacted the right company for the job! The local furniture assembly experts in Warrington were happy to help!


The preparation for the trampoline assembly is not a big deal. Over the phone, we managed to capture the key information about what type of trampoline we’ll be dealing with and had the whole process already planned. The client scheduled the earliest available date for the assembly to take place. Even though they informed us that they wouldn’t be home at that time, we arranged key pickup and also had the trampoline outside ready to be put together.

Getting The Job Done

On the day and time that was appointed, our team arrived ready to tackle the task at hand. Assembling a trampoline can be tricky, this is the main reason most people avoid doing it by themselves. It should always be done by two people, preferably such that have at least some experience in furniture assembly. The local assemblers in Warrington had previously assembled the exact same 10 feet trampoline and knew exactly what needed to be done. In just one hour they managed to put it together and position it at the correct spot in the garden, as requested by the client. The total cost of the service was only £90, which is a fair price for the assembly of a trampoline of this type and size. The job was long finished before the client got home and once he did he was satisfied with the work of the local furniture assembly experts.
expert trampoline assembly in warrington

Client Feedback

The customer was happy that they got the job out of the way, the trampoline ready for use and that their kids will finally have fun with their new entertainment outside. We’re always happy to bring joy and smiles with our work to our customers. If you’re looking for a professional furniture assembly service in Warrington – do not hesitate to contact us & schedule an appointment with the experts in the area – Two Lions 11!

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