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Customer Requirements

Many of the jobs we handle are booked by returning, regular customers that rely on us not only for their gardening needs but also for handyman services, pest control, and more! In this case, we were booked for a gardening job – tree removal. It is not that often that we have such job requested – but it happens from time to time. According to the client, the tree was a big one and required special attention and careful cutting.

Our Preparation

As we have had previous jobs with the client, our team knew which tree they wanted to cut down. It was indeed a big tree so we decided to send a team of three, to ensure that we complete the job as quickly and as efficiently as possible. The local gardeners in Manchester are fully equipped for any gardening job including tree removal and our regular customer knows that very well – this is why they rely on Two Lions!

Cutting down the tree

Tree removal is a dangerous task, especially if you’re dealing with a big tree, which was the case with this particular job. Most of the time professional attention is mandatory! At the scheduled date the three local gardeners arrived and jumped straight into work, without wasting any time. Even though the tree was a huge one, step by step the team managed to get it down with no issue and damage caused. Within a reasonable timeframe, almost half a day, the tree cutting in Manchester, and the collection of the green waste was completed. The total cost of the service was £700 labour, including the waste removal.
expert tree removal in manchester

Client Feedback

The client was surprised by how swiftly we managed to take the tree down. She said, “one minute I was cleaning the dining room, and the next minute when I walked in the kitchen and I looked through the window the tree was down”! We work fast but do not compromise on quality. See for yourself – if you need help with any gardening service in Manchester – rely on us! Contact us & schedule your service today!

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