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Customer Requirements

A customer called us in regards to professional tree removal in Liverpool. Apparently, the tree has been going into the neighbour, which started to annoy them. Furthermore, they wanted to have it cut down in order to create more space for further landscaping projects. Tree removal is usually tricky, especially if the tree is a big one. That being said we were presented with the necessary details for the job and had a vision on how to handle the job quickly and efficiently.

Our Preparation

The local gardeners in Liverpool have previous experience in tree removal which allowed them to be confident that they’ll take care of the job with no issue at all, no matter how stubborn & big the tree is. The team has specialised modern equipment and has great knowledge on how to handle tree cutting efficiently using proven advanced techniques. The client scheduled the earliest date & time possible to get the job done.

The tree removal

Cutting down a tree can look and sound pretty straightforward, however, when you have a house, garden, and a neighbour to protect during the removal it can be tricky and very dangerous. This is why most people rely on professional and experienced local gardeners. At the scheduled date and time the team arrived fully equipped with the necessary tools and jumped straight into work.

When cutting down a tree you must always be careful throughout the whole process and ensure that the tree falls in the right direction. The team took their time and carefully cut down the tree and started to collect the pieces and green waste. The whole job took about half a day and a van and a half of garden waste which we took care of entirely. The total price of the service was £450.

professional tree removal in liverpool

Client Feedback

The client was extremely happy that they finally got the tree removed which not only meant that their neighbour won’t be bothered but they will also make use of the newly created space in their garden and transform it for the upcoming summer. If you’re looking to spice up the look of your green space – make sure to contact the gardening experts in Liverpool! We’re ready for you – contact us & schedule your service today!

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