Professional Overgrown Garden Clearance in Stockport

Customer Requirements

One of our regular customers that relies on us to handle the garden clearance & maintenance every year called us to have the first cut of the year. The local gardeners in Stockport had previous experience with garden clearance with this specific client so they knew exactly what to expect and what the client actually wanted.

Our Preparation

As the local team was very familiar with the garden, they knew exactly what they needed for spectacular results. Specialised modern equipment which always helps to lay the foundation for regular maintenance of the garden that ensures a great clean look throughout the whole year. We scheduled the earliest date and time available for the service to take place, making sure that it is convenient for our team and our client!

The garden maintenance

At the scheduled time the team arrived fully equipped with everything necessary for a detailed clearance. We knew that this particular customer had a clear vision of how they wanted their garden to look and that they required a bit more detail than the usual client. There was absolutely not a problem for the local gardeners.

The garden clearance in Stockport started with the cutting of the overgrown grass. The team of two managed to get it done quickly and proceed with hedge cutting, weeding, trimming & pruning. The cost of the service was £350 labour plus a van full of garden waste that cost £260 which we take care of entirely!

garden clearance in stockport

Client Feedback

The client was extremely happy as always! We’ve had a bunch of gardening services done for them so they really knew what to expect from the local gardeners in Stockport. If you’re looking to get your garden in shape for the season or just spice things up with a landscaping project – contact our team today and schedule your garden transformation! We are waiting for you!

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